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How to Use a Root Domain as a CNAME for UptimeRobot


I recently bought the domain to use for my UptimeRobot dashboard. Uptime Robot allows for utilizing a custom domain for the status page instead of their more generic url. As great as this has been for me, I've only ever used it with subdomains.

Having a domain such as speaks for itself, so having a subdomain like doesn't make any sense. This is problematic, however, because a limitation of UptimeRobot's custom domain service is that it's limited to subdomains.

To work around this, I was able to prefix the domain with www to get around this limitation. This solved the subdomain problem, but would normally require explicitly typing, which is a bit annoying in a modern setting. To get around this, I added a permanent redirect to automatically redirect so that automatically becomes


In order to accomplish this, I needed to do the following:


  • Log into UptimeRobot and select Status Pages.
  • In Custom Domain, input
  • Save the new custom domain.


  • Log into Cloudflare and navigate to the domain.
  • Open DNS and add the following two records:
Type Name Content TTL Proxy status
CNAME Auto Proxied
CNAME www Auto Proxied
  • Configure the remaining Cloudflare settings as per usual.


At this point, navigating to should automatically redirect to, which works around the subdomain requirement by making www the subdomain.


Search the page for root domains, which brings up the appropriate result. Should the page ever get removed for any reason, the post text is as follows:

Since CNAME doesn't support root domains, you will have to change the name in Freenom to www. Then, when you're linking the domain on, type in It should work then.